Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Family

Summer age 13

Cache age 4

Conner age 7

Karsten age 10.5

Foot Surgery

Cache and Mom at Lake Powell

Summer and her friend Katry at Lake Powell


3 musketeers

Cool Cache


Washington DC

Rob and Nett in Virginia

Friday, December 4, 2009

Karsten's 10th Birthday

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

St George Temple

Wow, this is a gorgeous temple. Summer is too!

This was a Live Nativity at the outdoor ampa Theatre. It was so awesome. They had live horses, donkeys, sheep, and a camel. It was good for me to get in the true meaning of Christmas now.


We went to Pirate's Pizza and it was a fun place with an arcade, all decorated like pirates of carribean . The kids loved it.

Mike was a great brother while his parents were at the hospital. He helped Brittan be happy and took good care of him.
Conner and Lexie are good buddies

Gynormous Pizzas!!!!

The second ride out we took we were almost done, and Greg laid his bike over and ever so gently tore his pinky to pieces. He traded Chris to drive the Rhino back, The kids were all in with him and it got blood on them because he was holding it up. He had to have surgery on it, they re attached the tendons and sewed all the skin back together, and it was dislocated so it was just flopping. It was not good. He also has a few pieces of beef jerky on his arm and chin. He is lucky it wasn't worse though because he was wearing shorts and a t shirt. Darn.

In all the excitement of getting back to the house and getting Greg help, when the dust settled we started counting heads and came up 2 short. Hayden and Cache....were nowhere to be found. We panicked for a minute until we came outside and heard Cache snoring under a blanket.. It was so cute. We had to wake them after an hour or so, and they were still tired.